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Payment Questions

Is my payment due before or after my mulch is delivered?

Before. Please mail your check to Young Life Naperville & Aurora upon receipt of your emailed invoice.

How do I pay for my mulch order?

Please write a check (list Mulch in memo) to Young Life Naperville & Aurora for the amount on your email invoice, and mail to:

Young Life Naperville & Aurora

P.O. Box 3897

Naperville, IL 60567

Can I pay for my mulch order online?

Online payment for mulch orders is not available at this time.

Is my mulch order tax-deductible?

No. Young Life Naperville & Aurora sells mulch at a fair market value. Because you are receiving a good (mulch) and possibly a service (installation), your mulch order is not considered a donation. Should you choose to give an amount beyond the invoiced cost of your mulch order, that additional amount will be treated as a tax-deductible donation.

Mulch Appearance & Quality Questions

What color is the mulch?

Brown. We sell triple process brown mulch.

Is the mulch dyed?

No. The brown color of the mulch is all-natural.

What is the mulch made of?

The mulch consists of shredded logs, branches, leaves and clean, untreated wood products.*

Can I order another mulch variety from Young Life?

No. We only sell triple processed brown mulch to our customers.

Where do you get your mulch from?

Steve Piper & Sons, Inc. Please do not contact Piper & Sons directly about your order. For questions or concerns about your order, please contact Young Life Naperville & Aurora, 630-470-7899.

Quantity & Volume of Order Questions

How much mulch should I order?

The standard unit of measure for mulch is the cubic yard. Measure square footage of all beds to be mulched, multiply by .34, and divide the result by 27. This will give you, in cubic yards, the necessary volume at a depth of 4 inches. A four inch depth is recommended for new planting beds where it can be sustained.*

Can someone come to my house to give me an estimate for how much mulch I need and how much it will cost me?

No. Because of the volume of orders we receive neither Young Life Naperville & Aurora nor the landscaping company with whom we work is able to provide this service for you. Please measure your yard and use the method described in the previous question to determine how much mulch to order.

Delivery & Installation Questions

When the mulch is delivered, can it be left on the street or on the parkway?

The company that delivers the mulch to your home is authorized to leave the mulch only on private, paved property, eg., a driveway. Parkways and city streets are public property. The mulch may not be left on public property or grass of any kind.

When the mulch is installed, do the students weed the plant beds?

No. Based on the volume of installations and the amount of time allotted to complete them, students are only able to spread the mulch over your plant beds. Please prep your plant beds by doing any desired mowing, weeding, or trimming before your scheduled installation date.

My order confirmation stated that my mulch order would be installed during a weekend, with multiple dates listed as possible installation dates. When will I find out the exact date of my installation?

We accept mulch orders for a particular weekend up to five days before the first available installation date for that weekend. Following that cut off, installation orders are finalized and arranged in order geographically so to provide the most efficient installation experience. You will find out your installation date after this process is completed, no later than 2-3 days before your installation date. Should you have special circumstances and need the mulch to installed on a specific date, please call 630-470-7899.

Do I need to be home for my installation?

No. Young Life Naperville & Aurora students will be accompanied to your home by experienced staff and adult leaders, who will be certain that students perform a high-quality installation for you. Please submit any specific installation instructions with your mulch payment.

Do I need to provide tools for students to use for installation?

No. Young Life Naperville & Aurora provides all tools and equipment necessary to perform an installation at your home.

*Answers provided by Steve Piper & Sons website.

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