2021 Mulch Fundraiser

Get some great mulch + help students go to Young Life camp!

All proceeds help local students go to Young Life camp. If you buy mulch form a particular student, the proceeds from your sale will go directly to that student's camp fund

The Mulch: All natural, triple processed brown mulch, made from a wood blend.

We are no longer accepting orders for the 2021 mulching season. If you have any questions please contact Alex (314)-807-9467
  • Price: (5 yard minimum purchase)
  • Delivery only: $35/yard + $50 delivery fee
  • Delivery & Installation: $65/Yard + $50 delivery fee
  • Local landscapers suggest 1 cubic yard per 100 square ft. 1 yard = 13 to 14 bags of mulch

Order Instructions:

  • Click the link and complete the google form
  • Indicate the student you would like to sponsor (all proceeds from that sale go directly to that student)
  • We will contact you to confirm your order and deliver date

Please make checks payable to Young Life and send to:

Young Life Naperville & Aurora

PO Box 3897, Naperville, IL 60567


Questions: Call Alex (314)-807-9467


Selling Mulch student Info.

Each year Young Life Naperville & Aurora hosts a Mulch Fundraiser for camp. Students attending high school Young Life or Capernaum camp are eligible to participate in this fundraiser.

Fundraising Options

  1. Students can start selling mulch. They will earn $10/yard that they sell towards camp
  2. Students can spread mulch on one of our 5 spreading days and hear $10/hr of work towards camp.” Also, the selling mulch flyer link isn’t working for some reason.
  3. These are the days we will be spreading this year May 1, May 2, May 16, May 22, May 23

FACT: We have had students raise MOST, and sometimes ALL of their camp funds through the Mulch Fundraiser. If You are willing to put in the work, IT PAYS OFF!

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